Players can chose from a selection of weapons which are shown below.

The most basic skill is to learn how to aim your weapon effectively. You need to aim at the opposing player’s sensors which worn on their head and their gun. In most cases you should hold fire until you can actually see the sensor.

Beware that shooting gives away your position and wastes ammunition, so only shoot when you are confident of making a hit. The exception to this is when you serve as a supporting class, and lay down suppressive fire to allow your riflemen to maneuver.

When you do start firing, especially if your weapon has a large magazine capacity, its possible to create an area effect on the enemy by firing in fully automatic mode.

Telescopic scopes assist the player to fire accurately at range. With Red Dot scopes, typically found on Spitfires, Berserker Mark II’s and Commando’s make sure you can see the red dot in the scope and keep the red dot near the centre 5-10cm above the opposing player’s sensor.

Morita Sniper Rifle

Morita Squad Automatic weapon


Pulse Assault Rifle

Scorpion Sub-Machine Gun

Spitfire Machine Pistol

Honey Badger (HB14)

Commando Carbine