Nicola Langton-Miller (Chaplain, Liverpool Boy’s Brigade)

We are members of the Liverpool and District Battalion of the Boys’ Brigade Executive, and as representatives of our Battalion, we cannot recommend Ali and his team at Lazer Combat enough!

Last year we brought a group of 50 boys and girls to a session at Lazer Combat, unsure of exactly what the young people would gain from their experience. The children loved the team building exercises both inside and out and the camaraderie that was established during the short time together was invaluable. Our young people meet in smaller companies across the city and this event really brought them all together through team work, fun and excitement.

Last weekend we brought our group back again and were impressed by the huge improvements that Lazer Combat have undertaken in the last twelve months and are excited to hear of the new future developments that they envisage for the future.

We will continue to recommend and use Lazer Combat with our groups, as the young people love the games and facilities available here. The professionalism of the whole team is second to none.