About Us

What is Laser Combat Northwest?

Laser Combat Northwest is an authentic live action combat gaming experience located at Kirkby and Burnley. Laser gaming sessions are based on the most popular computer games such as Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield. We use sophisticated infra red gaming guns. The guns use the latest digital technology with real time feedback scoring systems.

Laser Combat is a TEAM game, not an individual one. Missions are structured so that the whole team works together battling against another team. Team strategy and tactics are required.

Military Grade Gaming Guns

Players chose from a selection of military grade infra-red gaming guns. Guns are fitted with red-dot or sniper scopes for accurate target acquisition. This differs from paintball and airsoft in that there is nothing flying around. There is no expensive ammunition to buy, no pain on being “hit” and no bruises!

Players can choose from a selection of gaming guns as one size doesn’t fit all, and there are many roles within the team for each mission. Our S.A.T.R. (Small Arms Transmitter Receiver) gaming guns are top of the range – built tough, with realistic sound effects, weights and real scopes for a authentic combat experience!

How Is Laser Gaming Played?

The guns use a harmless infrared beam, like a TV remote control to send messages to and from targets up to 100m away. Each player has sensors on their gaming gun and their headbands. When a player hits one of these infrared sensors, the gun and radio antenna relays the information and stats back to the players gun, registering a hit or kill.

When a player hits the mark, a flashing red dot is displayed, and the stats and feedback are received in real time on their own gun. Missions are based on team and not individual scores. Players that are hit can get patched up by the Squad’s medic and then return to the frontline!

Where Are We Located?

Our gaming sites are located at Bardenfield Stables in Burnley, Lancashire and Molly Lane, Kirkby, Merseyside. Sessions can be booked online or you can telephone 07923 883101.

Royal Navy HelicopterSites feature a Royal Navy helicopter, tank, sniper tower, WW1 trenches, a maze and junk yard with cars and crashed aircraft.

Players choose from a selection of challenging game maps and receive mission briefs in regard to the battlefield; use of your gaming guns; team objectives; Intel on the enemy and a terrain map by your Commanding Officer.

Combat games can either be played in small groups or scaled up to larger groups. We are a preferred supplier to the Prince’s Trust, as well as lots of youth groups and charities.

Our sessions will be full of fun and hassle free. We cater for Birthday Parties; Corporate days; Stag/Hen events; Youth Organisation group events; sports team celebrations, social groups and get togethers with family and friends.